One Too Many Camel

by One Too Many Camel

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Rhokeheart A phenomenal band, they remind me alot of The Ocean Collective but certainly have their own sludgy technical progressive badassness. The clean vocals are more than just not annoying they are really good they sound natural as does the guttorals a very skilled singer that excellently compliment the prog-djent-core or something music. Definitely give it a listen. It's a free download making it a no brainer if you like progressive metal. Favorite track: Primelephas Omegacamelidae.
Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Que celui ou celle qui ne s'est jamais laisser abuser par un visuel me jette la première pierre ! Non pas que cet album-EP soit mauvais, simplement, il n'y a là rien de bien original et pas de quoi se rouler par terre. Mouais... Favorite track: Vile Circles.
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released August 21, 2014

Written and recorded by One Too Many Camel
Mixed and mastered by Drew James Griffiths & One Too Many Camel

Artwork & layout design by Helen Hebenton
Typeface & logo design by Sam Ford



all rights reserved


One Too Many Camel Perth, Australia

Music for even-toed ungulates

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Track Name: Feet Of Clay (Intro)
“The men won't say what the creature is, and they will not hunt it. They say it follows them, and they say it watches them, but they can't say what it wants. The children have named it, and even let it join in their games. But I fear that they give their trust too freely. In time, all beasts will hunger...”
- unknown Leventii tribeswoman
Track Name: Primelephas Omegacamelidae
“Why would they lie? They say that when the rivers finally ran dry, Otmekh quenched his thirst with their blood; the blood of Ossian men. And where, I ask you, do you think he will turn when the west lies silent?”
- Baalih, renowned dissident and demagogue

Primelephas Omegacamelidae
Stalked the earth while stranger aeons fell before his gaze
Strode with cloven toe upon the sands he left behind
Rise, inhuman mantra; undying son of sand and tusk reborn
Across the plains, beyond the walls
The land-ship paused to contemplate his course

With broken steps, he would bring the Earth to death
Not meant to be
Our engineer of prophecy, he spoke in words to hollow our souls
Craved, and drank the valleys dry; razed the sea for his thirst

Rise, Otmekh

Rise blind, and when our eyes have found their prey, so high, feed and end our lusting
For every sky that we break, give us all just one more sky

He came to find worlds that we had left behind (our words that lay)
We came to seek (what was too late)
Freedom in the words we speak

While we were dancing end-ward, flawlessly designed to lose the voice you left behind
To kneel when that beast lay down to rest
To give yourself to the weight of that well you praised
To scream for rain and call his name from the waves

We came to find wasted lands he left behind (our words, our mind)
Helpless to resist, sundered by the signs we missed
Track Name: Flood Of Minds
“There are rooms in that place where the air tastes different, and firelight moves in strange ways. Sometimes I dream of those rooms. I see impossible shapes, and hateful eyes stare at me through doorways that shift and flicker, draining me of my waking memories. It feels almost as if they want to remind me that they're there. They don't want me to forget.”
- anonymous Volke neophyte, laity of the Deluvia ziggurat

Over, ocean. Over, over
We stand as one form; become as one form

Forgive us, for we lack the strength to affect our own salvation. Our eyes open
Our hybrid faithless strides as one
New-found iris-less lids gaze upon the world drinker
Dawn comes for us; we wake with our wills fixing upon the polemic of this imperception. Our eyes open

Low is the light that guides us, is the design that binds us
So you'll share this skin, you'll share this vastness. Only a god could save us from this

Free from sin. Ungrazed by chain, by sympathy. Flawless and flawed

Thirst needs only the thirst-less, only the powerless, to thrive
Pray, Chimaera, deliver us from the lies that we defy

So live, so shed blood for blood, flood of minds
Let the rivers flow again in timeless waves, and save us from our own weakness, flood of minds

Low is the light that guides us, is the design that binds us
So you'll share this skin, you'll share this vastness. Only a god could save us from this

Free from sin. Ungrazed by chain, by sympathy. Flawless and flawed

Hate needs only the hate-less, only the powerless, to thrive
Pray, Chimaera, deliver us from the lies that we defy
Track Name: Titanomachy
“The legacy weighed upon us by these misshapen gods is one of pain and misery. The time has come for us to cast these ill-begotten children back into the wombs that spat them forth.”
- Eres Lagazsce II, Dynastic Monarch of Latter Uruskigal

Name them foe; now we can cast aside our civility
Come, let them burn upon the flame that died to make them whole
And lead us to the throne

Long named as saviour; a faith adorned in azure words and bathed in golden blood
We've slaved for long enough

Name them foe; throw down the arms that stayed the storm
Let them burn
Just let it go - let them go

The seer's son – fear phasing out life
Let's fear the godless

When the earth wept in the silence I created, all the crows descended and laughed

Name them foe
Come, let them burn
Fear the godless
Fear the godless one
Track Name: Vile Circles
“Only a fool would cross the Wisemen; they were made to hold back the greatest threat we've ever known. I fear what may happen if we give in to the incessant wailing of these ignorant peasants. Otmekh destroyed half of our civilisation's great cities, and many more beyond. Imagine the terror of his jailers.”
- Ubaura Gael, Military Academic

Mocking the laws of balance, the hooded figures chant in whispered fiction
Locked in a lie of blood-wealth, a fragile ritual of faith

Can't you see the bodies burning, desecrating altars in his wake
Drones wandering vile circles

He who rises thirsts with agony, called to tear us from our infancy

Silence deafening, and the bones around which they dance and falter
Will now fall into ruin
Beneath the surface splintering
By his will they are one
Hurried hands align, surround
Reality unbound
Whispering voices of a forgotten thirst, as I watch the lie unfolding
Reborn monument to the cacophony of our infinite lust

He has come forth

Sand-born, star-sworn
Tempting me; lurking deep; all I see drinking me dry

Sand born, star sworn
Sand-born, star scorned earth-while

He who rises thirsts with agony, born to reign this mortal fallacy
Track Name: Waiting For Waves (Interlude)
“They marched willingly to their deaths, without fear and without remorse for the lives they left behind; lives yet unlived in essence. I cannot say what a greater honour to their sacrifice would be but to send more bodies to share their graves...”
- Magal Dumuz, Volke High Censor and Princeps of Ossian II
Track Name: Beyond The Wall
“CXCVII – The reaping Beast dragged across The Land. As would a storm, it swept across The City. That same tempest which annihilated The Land now silenced The City. The beast that will drink all things fell upon the people of Ossian in his evil
thirst. The Beast sated itself as it feasted upon the people.”
- Excerpt from Scripture of Uri

From cold we followed. With laughter we temped death

In wombs we wallowed, gone awry by unbound regret

I have crawled here, torn through a wasteland of thorn and snow
Dream't by this god; I will not rest 'til the demon's fall

Draped in skin. Carved in bone. Affluence undeserved

For days, we lay in wait, availing the death of the blazing sun
Bathed in gray, dread tears despair away, and all that's left is blind

Take me over this ridge to see
The creature lives
A god among the dunes

From cold we followed. With laughter we tempted death
And now, in sand we bleed, sworn to hunt with our final breath

The wailing giant falls

Flailing metal pierces eye
The morbid tyrant writhes
Strikes us down
Leaves us to die

When this gold carved in bone; this life carved in stone
Has laid us to rest, we hunger again
When your worlds have turned; when your fields have burned
Your tears will not dry
Track Name: Wisemen
“We are sorry for what we have done, and for what we will do.”
- Chimaera, the first-born

Black earth
Dead sky
Eyes wide

As vain suns fall, Wisemen follow

I called his name
I thrust the blade
Into his hide
Yet still he cries

He bled in vain, to sate the hunger that had stained my life with his name

You should not have come here
You will not leave
Some of us are meant to die; others we thrive
You will not leave

You heed the call, free from it all

One changing (unchanging) one failing (unfailing)
For all you've left behind, fed and intertwined

Black earth
Dead sky