“We are sorry for what we have done, and for what we will do.”
- Chimaera, the first-born

Black earth
Dead sky
Eyes wide

As vain suns fall, Wisemen follow

I called his name
I thrust the blade
Into his hide
Yet still he cries

He bled in vain, to sate the hunger that had stained my life with his name

You should not have come here
You will not leave
Some of us are meant to die; others we thrive
You will not leave

You heed the call, free from it all

One changing (unchanging) one failing (unfailing)
For all you've left behind, fed and intertwined

Black earth
Dead sky


from One Too Many Camel, released August 21, 2014



all rights reserved


One Too Many Camel Perth, Australia

Music for even-toed ungulates

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