Vile Circles

from by One Too Many Camel



“Only a fool would cross the Wisemen; they were made to hold back the greatest threat we've ever known. I fear what may happen if we give in to the incessant wailing of these ignorant peasants. Otmekh destroyed half of our civilisation's great cities, and many more beyond. Imagine the terror of his jailers.”
- Ubaura Gael, Military Academic

Mocking the laws of balance, the hooded figures chant in whispered fiction
Locked in a lie of blood-wealth, a fragile ritual of faith

Can't you see the bodies burning, desecrating altars in his wake
Drones wandering vile circles

He who rises thirsts with agony, called to tear us from our infancy

Silence deafening, and the bones around which they dance and falter
Will now fall into ruin
Beneath the surface splintering
By his will they are one
Hurried hands align, surround
Reality unbound
Whispering voices of a forgotten thirst, as I watch the lie unfolding
Reborn monument to the cacophony of our infinite lust

He has come forth

Sand-born, star-sworn
Tempting me; lurking deep; all I see drinking me dry

Sand born, star sworn
Sand-born, star scorned earth-while

He who rises thirsts with agony, born to reign this mortal fallacy


from One Too Many Camel, released August 21, 2014



all rights reserved


One Too Many Camel Perth, Australia

Music for even-toed ungulates

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