Primelephas Omegacamelidae

from by One Too Many Camel



“Why would they lie? They say that when the rivers finally ran dry, Otmekh quenched his thirst with their blood; the blood of Ossian men. And where, I ask you, do you think he will turn when the west lies silent?”
- Baalih, renowned dissident and demagogue

Primelephas Omegacamelidae
Stalked the earth while stranger aeons fell before his gaze
Strode with cloven toe upon the sands he left behind
Rise, inhuman mantra; undying son of sand and tusk reborn
Across the plains, beyond the walls
The land-ship paused to contemplate his course

With broken steps, he would bring the Earth to death
Not meant to be
Our engineer of prophecy, he spoke in words to hollow our souls
Craved, and drank the valleys dry; razed the sea for his thirst

Rise, Otmekh

Rise blind, and when our eyes have found their prey, so high, feed and end our lusting
For every sky that we break, give us all just one more sky

He came to find worlds that we had left behind (our words that lay)
We came to seek (what was too late)
Freedom in the words we speak

While we were dancing end-ward, flawlessly designed to lose the voice you left behind
To kneel when that beast lay down to rest
To give yourself to the weight of that well you praised
To scream for rain and call his name from the waves

We came to find wasted lands he left behind (our words, our mind)
Helpless to resist, sundered by the signs we missed


from One Too Many Camel, released August 21, 2014



all rights reserved


One Too Many Camel Perth, Australia

Music for even-toed ungulates

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