Beyond The Wall

from by One Too Many Camel



“CXCVII – The reaping Beast dragged across The Land. As would a storm, it swept across The City. That same tempest which annihilated The Land now silenced The City. The beast that will drink all things fell upon the people of Ossian in his evil
thirst. The Beast sated itself as it feasted upon the people.”
- Excerpt from Scripture of Uri

From cold we followed. With laughter we temped death

In wombs we wallowed, gone awry by unbound regret

I have crawled here, torn through a wasteland of thorn and snow
Dream't by this god; I will not rest 'til the demon's fall

Draped in skin. Carved in bone. Affluence undeserved

For days, we lay in wait, availing the death of the blazing sun
Bathed in gray, dread tears despair away, and all that's left is blind

Take me over this ridge to see
The creature lives
A god among the dunes

From cold we followed. With laughter we tempted death
And now, in sand we bleed, sworn to hunt with our final breath

The wailing giant falls

Flailing metal pierces eye
The morbid tyrant writhes
Strikes us down
Leaves us to die

When this gold carved in bone; this life carved in stone
Has laid us to rest, we hunger again
When your worlds have turned; when your fields have burned
Your tears will not dry


from One Too Many Camel, released August 21, 2014



all rights reserved


One Too Many Camel Perth, Australia

Music for even-toed ungulates

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